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Painting & social media: 5 artists to know


As an enthusiast of visual art, I’m a great fan of Instagram and Pinterest, where I spend a lot of time to go through and discover artists and art. I’ve gathered in this article 5 of my favourite painters, all discovered on social media. They work on acrylic, oil or watercolour and promote their work through the web.

I hope you will appreciate their work as much as I do!

Jen Garrido

Jen Garrido is one of the first artist I’ve discovered on the web. I immediately felt in admiration in front of her canvas.

Her field? Wildflowers painted in an abstract and colourful style. She uses mixed painting techniques to produce her abstract compositions inspired by nature. Her style intrigues and captures. My dream would be to have one of her original paint on my wall.

She also owns a brand of textile: JennyPenny Wood.

More about Jen Garrido:

Emily Jeffords

Emily Jeffords, Instagram enthusiast, uses oil painting and watercolour to create her wonderful canvas.

Her field? Natural landscapes focusing on colourful end of days’ skies. She also paints watercolour abstract forms inspired by shadows’ leaves. She mixes techniques and paints in her abstract artworks. Her favourite colour is blue which we can find in almost all of her canvas.

Emily Jeffords steadily organizes creative retreats in France or elsewhere in Europe. The next one will take place in Barcelona.

More about Emily Jeffords:

Juliann Lacon

Juliann is a young abstract art artist. She lives in Houston in Texas.

Her field? A colour palette exclusively pastel. She uses a lot the technique of painting with a palette knife and adds some touches of gold and silver. Her colour palette adds lot of softness to her canvas, which I particularly like.

More about Juliann Lancon:

Jessica Zoob

Jessica Zoob is a British artist who draws inspiration from nature and rainbow colours.

Her field? A riot of bright colours on very large canvas. She only paints with oil and she is inspired by the wild and butterfly wings! Her unique style gives to her creations the look of a fantastic world.

More about Jessica Zoob

Agnès Cécile

Agnès Cécile is a young Italian watercolorist who has attained a quick popularity on social media. Today she mainly exhibits in Italy and Spain.

Her field? Abstracts portraits in a somewhat gloomy atmosphere which contrasts with her bright colour palette. Her watercolours often mixes portraits and nature.

More about Agnès Cécile :

I hope you have appreciated these artists. I would be pleased to discover other artists who you know, so don’t hesitate to share them on comments.

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