I am Karen (Aurore is my second name), I am French and I live between the French Alps and Switzerland.

I have created this website to share with you my interest in creative activities. Beside my everyday job, I like spending my free time learning artistic process. In order to make progress toward my amateur practice, I share my work through the  portfolio and talk about the process in the blog.

The blog mainly focus on photography, painting and drawing.  Create & Unwind is the motto of this website. Under this approach, in the Unwind & Create blog page, I share with you tips, resources and crushes discovered during my creative exploration to help everyone who is also interested in creative activities to develop their skills. Travelling being another hobby, I also dedicate a blog page to share my travel experiences and crushes that I hope you will appreciate to discover as well.

As I especially appreciate the possibility to connect with people all around the world through the web, I have chosen to write in English but as it is not my native language, it is likely that you come across some clumsy sentences. It will be the French touch of this new adventure : )

Thank you for your visit,

Hope you will enjoy,

Karen. X